Why Outdoor Furniture Makes ‘Cents’ (and $$$) for Your Restaurant This Season

Distressed Outdoor Furniture
Check out our new popular distressed line!

With warmer weather finally here to stay, at least for us here in the Midwest, everyone is starting to emerge from a long winter’s nap and is ready to feel the warmth of the sunshine once again. What’s one of the most sought after ways to spend time in the sunshine? Eating with friends and family.

The fact is, you can boost revenues by 30% when you add outdoor seating to your restaurant or bar.  If your restaurant hasn’t explored the world of outdoor dining, this season is the perfect time to start.  A recent study by the Simons Advisory Group analyzed returns on outdoor seating and confirmed the importance of outdoor dining to a restaurant’s revenue stream.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with how to go about dipping your proverbial toes in the outdoor dining waters?  The experts at efurnitureMax can help you start small and grow into your outdoor space.  Start with our convenient online outdoor seating products, or reach out to our efurnitureMax Design Team for custom furniture lines not available on our website, such as Florida Seating.

Florida Seating Outdoor Dining
Get access to high end lines like Florida Seating with our design team!

You don’t need a lot of space or loads of furniture, nor do you need a massive budget.  Sidewalk tables are the perfect place to start. With a few tables and chairs, you’ve suddenly created an outdoor space that draws attention from those passing by and offers an opportunity to take in some fresh air for your restaurant patrons.

When considering what furniture would suit your new outdoor dining space, there are several factors to consider. Our restaurant furniture team at efurnitureMax is here to assist – contact us today for a free consultation!

Here are a few basic options that are durable enough to withstand the harsh elements but also light enough for easy stacking and storing:


Several restaurants here in Indianapolis’ popular Irvington, Broad Ripple and Mass Ave areas have embraced the sidewalk seating and reaped the benefits drawing local media attention, Yelpers, and you guessed it, new customers.

Colorful Indoor-Outdoor FurnitureWe’ve found that many of our customers are turning an eye with our more colorful collections.  Most of the pieces from this series are stackable, lightweight, and easy to store.  Check out the new distressed outdoor furniture for a rustic, yet modern look!


Maybe you’re ready to make the leap and set up a full patio. Before you spend thousands on an outdoor dining space fit for a king, consider this: another study done by FSR and Study Hall Research found that outdoor TVs, fireplaces and the quality of landscaping had little effect on deciding to eat outdoors. However that same study found that for Millennials, the more time they spent in outdoor dining spaces, the more money they spent on alcohol. In other words, if they’re comfortable and socializing, you’re making more money.

Custom Outdoor Seating
Create a high end outdoor dining look with custom furniture from efurnitureMax.

If you’re looking for high end, custom fabrics, and modern design, the efurnitureMax Design Team can help put together a package. Pictured here is a small example of some of the more custom outdoor furniture that we can provide with unlimited color, size, configuration, and finish options. Let us help you create a custom outdoor furniture package with tables, chairs and other outdoor furniture to make your patio the “it” spot for diners looking to take in the outdoors at a price point that makes sense.

Whether you’re just starting out with a few sidewalk tables for lunch or you’re adding a brand new custom patio, here are a few other factors to keep in mind when setting up your outdoor dining space:

  • Will you stack and store the furniture every night or leave it out? You’ll want to be sure your furniture is secure – whether you bring it indoors, stack and lock it with simple metal cables or install outdoor motion-activated security cameras.
  • How can you best create an ambiance in your outdoor space? Don’t forget to add a few potted plants, maybe some outdoor strands of lights or even some outdoor speakers. Make your outdoor space feel as inviting as your indoor space.
  • Rain or shine, make sure your guests have some protection from the elements. Maybe consider adding umbrellas to your tables or a small pergola to protect patrons from the sun – especially if you’re serving lunch.

Folding Table Buying Guide

Shopping for folding tables can be overwhelming.  Not only are there thousands of options, but you want to make sure you purchase something that will last and give you the best bang for your buck.  To best assist you, we’ve put together this easy Folding Tablefolding table buying guide that will hopefully help you narrow down your choices.  So whether you’re shopping for your home, school, church, business, or any other type of facility, we’ll help you figure out the best value for you.

When it comes down to it, shopping for folding tables requires just a few simple choices: shape, material, and features.  Just as important, you will want to make sure you are purchasing from a reputable dealer who will provide great customer service, will honor warranty claims, and be able to help if you have any issues.

Shape & Size

Let’s talk shape and size.  You’ll probably already know which shape and size you need.  But before you purchase, we’ll highlight a few pros and cons of each shape:

Rectangular:  These tables are the easiest to transport in a van or truck bed and are also easiest to store because of their shape.  However, they are not as popular for some uses, such as a banquet table where a round model will provide a more conversation friendly seating experience.

Round: Round tables are very popular as banquet tables, game tables, and more because it is easy to interact with others at the table.  You can seat many people at a round folding table and have plenty of room for centerpieces, serving dishes, and more.  A con to round tables is that they can be bulky to store and may require a folding table dolly in storage to keep them upright.

Square: Much like a rectangular table, they are easy to store, but the wide models may be harder to transport.  For the large models, carrying this type of table can be awkward as it will not roll like a round table and generally is too wide to grasp both at the top and the bottom.  You will definitely need two people to carry a large square table or a folding table dolly.

Half-Round: Half-Round tables are very versatile.  Two tables can be pushed together to form a full-round table, but they can also be used individually to save space and stand up against a wall.  The only con to these tables is that they are not as popular, so there are less options to choose from.


We plan to do a more in depth comparison in a following blog post, but here is a quick summary to help you out.

Plastic:  The two biggest pros for plastic folding tables are affordability and their lightweight design.  If you will be transporting your tables frequently, your body will thank you for choosing plastic tables.  High quality plastic models feature impact resistant and/or stain resistant tops, making them great for a variety of uses.  Plastic Folding TableWe recommend plastic tables to furniture rental companies, traveling caterers, trade shows, those with limited budgets, and where there are children.

People often associate plastic folding tables with poor quality.  This is actually very untrue.  While there are many cheap quality plastic folding tables out there, there are many high quality plastic folding tables that will last 10 years or more and are backed by impressive warranties.  For example, the only plastic models we sell at efurnitureMax are designed to last under daily commercial use.  Just a word of advice – do not buy the cheapest option as this will probably be a low quality model.  While wood tables can last 20 or 30+ years, a good plastic model can last 10 or more years.

Laminate:  Laminate folding tables are usually stronger than plastic folding tables, and typically last longer as well.  Of course, they are more expensive and can be very heavy.  If you compare plastic to laminate folding tables without a tablecloth, laminate folding tables offer a more professional look than plastic models.  We recommend laminate wood folding tables when they will be used in the same general area for each use.  If you need to transport your tables frequently, then we usually suggest plastic.  But for churches, schools, and offices, these tables are a great option.

Wood:  These folding tables feature a hardwood top, offering the all-around best durability.  Typically the priciest option, these will last the longest compared to other folding table materials.  If you’re looking to purchase a round folding table, we suggest wood folding tables because often the laminate ones will chip over time as they are rolled.


Here are a few common folding table features to help you decide which table options you should look for.

Bi-Folding:  These tables will fold in half, making transportation and storage very convenient.  The only con to bi-folding tables is that they generally cannot hold as much weight because there is a joint in the middle of the table.

Adjustable Height:  This is a very popular option because of the added versatility.  Most tables are around 29″ – 30″ high, and adjustable models will lower down to around 21″.  If you will be using your table for children, having an adjustable height model is very convenient when you work with different age groups.

Edge Band:  Both laminate and wood folding tables usually have a protective edge around the table to prevent chipping and protect your guests.  You can pick from rubber, plastic, and metal bands, and each will work.  Just make sure your laminate or wood table has a band.

Frame Gauge:  A folding table frame’s gauge will contribute to its strength.  The smaller the gauge, the greater the diameter of the tube.  For standard length folding tables (60″-96″), we prefer nothing smaller than an 18 gauge frame.  While this is important, looking at the folding table’s weight capacity will also work.

General Folding Table Shopping Advice

Shop From a Reputable Dealer – Not a Big Box:  Folding tables are not cheap.  If you shop from a Big Box store like Walmart or Office Depot, be careful.  If you need to file a warranty claim, these stores will tell you to contact the manufacturer, which can be very inconvenient and you may end up stuck with a broken table.  In addition, these Big Box stores are not experts in furniture.  Finding a good furniture dealer who will listen to your needs, help you find the best value, and continue to provide outstanding service after you purchase will save you money and time.

Lowest Price = More Cost:  Typically, the lowest priced options will be of lesser quality, break faster, and you’ll end up having to replace your tables much sooner and spend more money.  Even if the same table is cheaper at one dealer vs. the other, be careful.  Some dealers cut corners to offer these lower prices – the tables may be returns, they may not honor many of their warranty claims, or they may have inexperienced support staff.

Warranties:  Make sure your table has at least a one-year warranty.  And make sure dealer you are working with will honor the warranty.  Warranties speak to quality – if a warrantied table is cheap and will break, the company will be out of business fast.  Also, you should never have to pay for a warranty – it should be free.


We hope that this guide points you in the right direction.  Shop our top quality folding tables all covered by generous warranties with outstanding customer support.  Is there anything else you want to know?  Ask your questions in the comment section and we’ll add it to our buying guide!

Adjustable Height Folding Tables | efurnitureMax

We wanted to take a moment a highlight a few of our most popular folding tables.  We are finding that many of our customers prefer the height adjustable models rather than the standard fixed height models because of their added versatility.  These tables are especially popular among schools and churches where the seating can be adjusted for different age groups.

We carry several models of adjustable height folding tables, including round and rectangular models.  All of these tables ship free and are backed by a two-year warranty to ensure quality.  Of course, if you are buying more than one, make sure to contact us for a bulk rate.

Shop our adjustable height folding tables.

Adjustable Height Folding Table - 48" Round

Announcing New Commercial Folding Tables

Folding TableAnnouncing our newest items – folding tables!  Now you can find all of your folding table needs at efurnitureMax.  We are proud to announce our new collection of folding tables that we will be publishing within the next few days.  All tables ship free, are backed by impressive warranties, and are eligible for bulk pricing.

We are offering dozens of options including tables made from plastic, laminate, and wood.  When it comes to shapes, we are now carrying every type of folding table shape including rectangular, round, serpentine, and more.  Every size imaginable is available, even small cocktail tables.  Name brand tables are available including National Public Seating and Pro-Tough.  For more affordable options, go with our generic line backed by a two-year warranty.  Whatever your event, we have the table for you!

Most of our tables can be used indoors and outdoors.  They all feature heavy duty frames and are designed for long-lasting durability.

Put together a package deal today and get a customized rate on folding tables, chairs, and a dolly!

Don Draper’s Office Furniture from Mad Men

AMC’s hit series Mad Men has become popular for its dynamic characters, themes, and a glimpse of life in the sixties.  In addition, it has also received a lot of attention for its attractive, modern sets – both the furniture and the decor.  The distinguished modern style is seen in offices and homes throughout the show.  Pieces of this style are a symbol of class, success, professionalism, and a forward-looking vision.  In fact, during one episode, main character Don Draper invites a client into his office and explains that the furniture and layout symbolize their strategic focus on the future.

Recently, modernism has been on the rise in homes and offices across the US.  Shopping for original pieces from this era comes with a startling price tag, so we wanted to share some of our modern furniture options that appeal to those with more of a fixed budget.


Don Draper’s Office:

Don Draper’s office is a common set used in Mad Men.  It is outfitted with his throne – a modern and minimalist piece.  Notorious for its ribbed design, this chair also features an accenting chrome frame to give it a dashing appearance.  On the other side of his desk sit two inviting guest chairs.  They also feature a minimalist and modern design with a vibrant orange color.  We find it interesting that these desk chairs seem to pop more than anything else in the room.  Perhaps this is a symbol of the company’s focus on its clients, rather than themselves.  In all likelihood, clients would be seated in these chairs, making them the center of attention (they also sit in the center of the room.)

Don Draper’s office is also outfitted with black-brown decor including a desk, wall paneling, side table, and a few other items.  Here are a few products we found that could be used to replicate the look and essence of of Don Draper’s office.


 Here is the attractive office chair used by Don Draper.  We actually offer this office chair and several others with a similar design in our store, including a high back style and other chairs that feature more intricate designs.  They feature the eye-catching ribbed design with accenting chrome frame.  In terms of comfort, these chairs are ergonomically designed to provide ample back support and are equipped with built-in lumbar support.  If you are interested in reading more about Don Draper’s office chair, we actually have an entire post dedicated to it.  Read more about Don Draper’s Office Chair.

 Equipping your office with the black-brown color scheme also fuels the modern look.  Ikea, in fact, offers an entire line of attractive black-brown furniture.  Each piece is very affordable and will give your office a look of success and organization.  Here is an attractive desk that offers the 60s modern look and at the time of writing, retails only for $149.00.
  Malm Ikea DeskIkea BookcaseYou can also find many accent pieces at Ikea including this attractive bookcase available in a black-brown finish.  Ikea has many pieces available in this attractive, modern finish including side tables, filing cabinets, and more.  The only downside to Ikea furniture is that Ikea does not sell items online.  However, visiting an Ikea store is a very fun experiencing if you have never had the opportunity.  When you enter Ikea, you first travel through their massive showroom.  You can see what their kitchens, living rooms, offices, and more look like in real-life.  You can walk through each set, taking note of pieces you like.  Once you have viewed the entire showroom, you can go downstairs and start shopping!  So while it may be a drive to the nearest Ikea store, it is definitely worth it.  My wife and I sometimes go just as a day trip to get out and have some fun.Bullet Series Modern Chair

For side chairs, we actually carry chairs very similar to those that Don Draper uses in his office.  From our popular bullet series, this chair is available in black, white, or brown leather upholstery and offers a modern look associated with established success and professionalism.

So if you’re looking to duplicate the Don Draper look, you should have  a good start with these leads.  We actually carry many modern pieces of reception furniture and office chairs, so here are some links where you can explore those options.


Modern Reception Furniture

Office Chairs

Don Draper’s Office Chair from Mad Men

AMC’s Mad Men has raised some eyebrows in the furniture world because of the appealing modern office designs in the later seasons of the show.  One of the key pieces of furniture is Don Draper’s office chair.  With its minimalist modern style, chrome accenting frame, and ribbed upholstery design, his office chair reinforces his character – powerful, successful, and organized.



Well if you’re looking to leave a lasting impression of professionalism and success on your clients, we’ve got the Don Draper office chair and several others with a similar modern style.




Click Here to Shop Don Draper’s Office Chair



Mad Men set director Amy Wells has a great taste for furniture – both in appearance and function.  Don Draper’s office chair is great for his office because it is a smaller area.  Compared to the high back model, this mid-back model does not take up as much space and can be used at a desk, conference table, reception and more.  Similarly, here is a model inspired by the Don Draper design, with an added touch of style:

Mad Men Modern Office Chair-Black Mad Men Modern Office Chair-White


Click Here to Shop This Designer Mid-Back Office Chair

We also carry the high-back model of Don Draper’s office chair.  If your office has the room, this is the Cadillac of office chairs:

Don-Draper-Office-Chair-High-Back-Black Don-Draper-Office-Chair-High-Back-Tan


Click Here to Shop Don Draper’s High Back Office Chair



Lastly, we have an armless version that is very popular at creative workstations where people need a bit more room for their arms.



Click Here to Shop Don Draper’s Armless Office Chair

Dressing for success doesn’t just apply to your clothing – it applies to your office as well.  Don Draper is a symbol of success in Mad Men, and to communicate that success, Amy Wells has outfitted his office with prestigious modern furniture.  Working in a professional-looking environment will enable your productivity.  Feel free to comment on these models – we’d love to hear your feedback!

Retro Bar Stools: Popular New Stools Are Hot!

We our proud to announce our newest and extremely popular line of retro bar stools.  Give your home, bar, game room, or restaurant the 1950s style with these extremely affordable retro options.  Almost every bar stool features a padded seat, swivel, adjustable height, and availability in 9+ vibrant colors!

From frozen yogurt shops to schools to dorm rooms, these stools are extremely versatile and durable.  They feature a heavy duty steel base with a retro chrome finish.  As always, we stand by the quality of our products and back each bar stool up with an impressive two-year warranty!

Click on each photo below to view each bar stool’s details and shop now!  Each stool is available in a variety of vibrant colors.


ch-82028a-bk-gg ch-82028-mod-org-gg ch-92023-1-red-gg ch-92066-wh-gg ch-102029-red-gg ch-112010-grn-gg ch-112080-brn-gg ch-122090-org-gg ch-122150-pur-gg ch-tc3-1002-pk-gg ch-tc3-1060-bk-gg ds-801-cont-burg-gg ds-810-mod-grn-gg ds-811-pur-gg ds-815-bk-gg ds-829-yel-gg

How to Fix Your Office Chair in 10 Minutes

If you’re reading this, you’re probably heartbroken because your favorite office chair has suffered a traumatic injury.  Luckily, most office chairs can be fixed fairly quickly.   Once you have the parts, you can fix your chair in about 10 minutes or less!  So whether this happened:Twisted Office Chair

Hopefully Not This:

Office Chair Falling

Or maybe Fido was naughty:

Bad Dog

And we seriously hope you weren’t doing this:

Walking Dog on Chair

– We’re pretty sure we can help you out.

Office Chairs are Modular

The best thing about office chairs is that most models feature a modular design.  This means that each main part (base, wheels, cylinder, arms, etc) can be swapped out with after-market parts.  But first things first:

Does Your Chair Have a Warranty?

Whether your chair is brand name or generic, most chairs come with a warranty.  If you purchased your chair from us, we have warranties starting at two years and up.  In our experience, most customers do not even remember that their chair is covered by a warranty.  Often times, warranty registration cards do not come with office chairs because they are a hassle for customers, but this makes the warranty coverage less obvious.  To figure out if you’re covered, contact the store you purchased the chair from – they’ll have you in their system.  If they aren’t reachable, are unwilling to help, or are out of business, try to contact the manufacturer.

Where to Buy Office Chair Parts:

Here are a few of our favorites:

www.oodlesofpartsplus.com  – Name Brand Parts

Part Definitions

Gas Cylinder:  This is the support column for your chair.  It features a small button at the top that when depressed, allows your chair to raise and lower.

Gas Cylinders

Mechanism:  The mechanism is located directly beneath your seat and provides multiple functions.  First, it sits on top of the gas cylinder and allows you to depress the gas cylinder activation button with your lever to raise and lower the seat height.  Second, it can offer a tilt function, along with tilt tension control.  Here is a picture of a standard mechanism, but they all look a bit different with a variety of features:

Office Chair Mechanism

Base:  Often constructed of nylon, metal, or wood,
the base provides support for the chair.  Your gas cylinder will fit into a hole on top of the base.Office Chair Base

Wheels/Casters:  Office chair wheels can differ in construction.  They can be one solid rolling ball, dual casters, and other designs.  The will have a metal dowel on top of the caster to allow for connection into the base.  Some are threaded, and some are as picture, with a pivoting ring.
Office Chair Wheels

Other parts include armrests, arm pads, and seat cushions, but everyone knows what those are.

Solution by Part:

Gas Cylinder:  If your chair will not hold its seat height, or will no longer adjust up and down, you probably need a new cylinder.  Replacement cylinders are very easy to find.  To find the perfect replacement, you will need two measurements:

  • Diameter (width) of cylinder where it fits into the base – this measurement must be exact
  • Overall Height – You can measure extended or unextended – this only has to be close

Broken Base:  Broken bases are fairly easy to fix as well.  Just measure the diameter (width) of the base, and find a similar base.   You can get a larger base,, but do not get a smaller one as this will give you poor stability.  In addition, make sure that your new base’s top hole will fit the bottom of your gas cylinder.  Just measure the diameter of your cylinder.

Wheels:   Figure out if you need a threaded or non-threaded wheel.  If possible, try to measure the diameter of the attachment bolt, to make sure your replacement will fit into your base.  Most wheels are the same, so this should not be a huge issue if the wheels you are buying do not list this measurement.  Just try to find one that looks similar, or buy an entire new set.

Mechanism:  Mechanisms are more difficult.  You need to find one that matches the hole pattern on the bottom of your seat.  There are several “standard” designs for mechanisms, so you should be able to find one but it may take some hunting.  Also, make sure you find a mechanism that has the features you need such as tilt, tilt tension control, and more advanced features if necessary.

Arm Pads:  You can buy replacement arm pads fairly easily.  All you need to measure is the distance between the anchor holes so that you can attach them to your chair’s frame.

Arms:  Some arms attach to the side of your chair, while others attach underneath in more of an “L” shape.  Figure out which type you have, and the measurements between the screw holes.  Arm replacements are common, so once you figure out which type you have, you can usually find a replacement.

 Cushions:  Unfortunately, cushions are by far the hardest to replace.  We recommend contacting the manufacturer to see if you can buy a replacement seat or back – this is the easiest option.  If you get lucky enough to find a replacement seat, you will have to make sure the hole will match your mechanism and back rest.  Try to match the arms, but you may not be able to be this picky.  If you can’t match the arms, just buy a set of arms designed for your new seat cushion.

Troubleshooting:  What Part of Your Chair is Broken?

Sometimes, it is hard to know which part of your chair is broken.  Other times, it is very obvious.  For those that are not sure which part is broken, here are some common issues we receive and the cause.  After determining your broken part, keep reading below to see what you should do to fix it:

My office chair will not go up and down:

This can be two things: the gas cylinder, or the mechanism.  The mechanism is directly underneath the seat.  The top of the gas cylinder fits into the mechanism.  When you pull up on the seat lever, it will depress a button on top of the gas cylinder, allowing it to go up and down.  Your problem is either that the lever is not pressing on the button correctly, or your gas cylinder has malfunctioned.  Typically, we find that the problem is usually with the cylinder, but flip your chair over and see if the end of that lever is hitting the button on the cylinder correctly.

My office chair is sinking:

This is a bad cylinder.  You can either replace the cylinder, or try a Chair Saver Kit

Here is another article:  How to fix an office chair that sinks

My chair won’t tilt:

Your chair’s tilting mechanism located directly underneath the seat is responsible for tilt.  First, make sure that you have not engaged your tilt lock.  Sometimes, people do not realize that they can lock their tilt mechanism.  This is usually done by pushing in or pulling out the seat lever or twisting a knob.  If this does not fix it, often times the seat tilt is jammed.  Flip your chair over and see if you can see if your seat lever is bent inside the mechanism, or if any other pieces look like they are out of whack.  If you can’t find something obvious, the problem is usually remedied by replacing the mechanism.

My Chair Doesn’t Tilt As Easily:

Most chairs have a tension control knob.  They are generally towards the front of the chair, attached to the mechanism.  When you turn this, it adjusts how easily your chair will tilt.  Try tweaking this adjustment and if it still doesn’t work, please see the issue directly above.



Eames Style Modern Bar Stool: A Review

Eames Style Bar Stool - BeechEames Style Bar Stool - Walnut









This bar stool has been quite popular in our store, and we wanted to give it one of our in-depth reviews to figure out why everyone is enjoying it so much.

Style – 10/10

The first thing that captures our attention is this bar stool’s appearance.  It definitely mimics the style of an Eames reclining chair:


This style is based on modern design and exhibits a high class appearance.  In addition, the chrome base on this bar stool adds a bit of retro.  The walnut and beech wood finish is absolutely gorgeous – a stunning design.  We definitely think this bar stool is most popular for its style, so we give it a 10/10.  Several of our interior design partner have been using it for their projects, which also backs up our rating.

Comfort – 8/10

This bar stool offers thick padding on the seat and back, and we found it to be very comfortable.  The mid-back design is a nice feature as well.  We felt that we could sit in this bar stool much longer than a backless model because of this additional support.

The only downside is the width of the seat.  Some bar stools offer really wide seats, but this does come at an added price and they can also be bulky.  If you’re over 200 lbs, the seat may be a bit small.

Quality – 9/10

When we do our in depth reviews, we put the product through relentless testing to make sure we thoroughly inspect its quality.  The chrome base is virtually flawless – no issues whatsoever.  It is strong and holds up to our high standards.  Some of the welds underneath the seat were not “pretty”, but no one would ever see this unless they turned the stool upside down.  In addition, the welds made the mechanism stronger, so this made sense to us.

The upholstery is vinyl.  The manufacturer told us that this was chosen because it will hold up better in an eating area.  It is easily cleaned and is definitely quality vinyl – not the cheap flakey vinyl.  Since it won’t require extensive care like leather, we think this is a good choice.

We deducted one point from quality because the base is not equipped with protective floor glides.  However, we used rubber cement to adhere 3 pieces of felt to the bottom to prevent our floors from being scratched.

We should mention that the manufacturer backs this bar stool up with a two year warranty, which increases our confidence significantly.

Functionality – 10/10

Right behind style is this bar stool’s next most impressive feature – functionality.  First off, the seat swivels a full 360 degrees which allows you to turn from one side to the other while seated.  This is great in a bar where you are talking to people on both sides of you.  In addition, this also allows this chair to be used in a “craft” station or somewhere where you need to reach all around you to grab objects.

What we were most impressed with is the adjustable height mechanism.  The seat height adjusts anywhere between 26-35” with its pneumatic seat height adjustment.  35” is pretty tall for a bar stool, so we were really impressed with this.  The footrest goes up and down with the seat height, which is great as well.  The best part of the pneumatic (gas powered) height mechanism is that it is controlled by a lever.  Just a simply pull up on the lever and you can adjust the seat height with ease.

Value – 10/10

Based on the fact that other Eames style bar stools are around $400, we couldn’t believe what we got for the price.  We didn’t find any quality issues, and the design is superb, so we give it a 10/10 for value.

If you want to see this item in our store, click here.




How to Shop For An Office Chair: A Buying Guide

With thousands of options out there, shopping for a new office chair can be overwhelming.   Your choice is important because you’ll probably have to sit in that chair every day, and you’ll have it for years.  In addition, a good quality office chair can cost a fair amount, so you want to choose correctly.  Here is a buying guide to help you in your search.

What Office Chair Style Are You Looking For?

Task Office Chairs

Task Chairs:

Task chairs are also known as computer chairs.  They’re smaller, feature a small or mid-back design, and are available with or without arms.  They are often used in college dorms, doctor’s offices, in computer labs, etc.  They’re not as comfortable as most office chairs, so we suggest a task chair only if you’ll be using it less than 1.5 hours per day.






High Back Office Chairs


High Back Office Chairs

Commonly used in home and commercial offices, high back office chairs are suitable for 8+ hour per day use.  They offer impressive features to help keep you comfortable, but cost more than task chairs.  The high back design provides full back support and usually a headrest.  A high quality executive chair will typically last a long time.





Mid-Back Executive Office Chairs


Mid-Back Executive Chairs

Mid-back executive chairs are a cross between task and high back executive chairs.  They fit in smaller spaces, are suitable for 8+ hour use, and will last longer than a typical task chair.  They offer many of the same comfort features that high back chairs offer, but lack the headrest and full back suppport.

Mid-Back chairs are commonly used for conference rooms, desks, and computer stations.



Drafting Stools

Drafting Stools

Drafting stools sit higher than standard office chairs so that they can be used at tall desks and tables.  They usually feature a foot ring and come equipped with the same features that task and executive chairs offer.

Most of our drafting stools come with two cylinders – one for normal height, and one for drafting height.






Big & Tall Office Chairs


Big & Tall Office Chairs:

Big & Tall Office chairs are available in mid-back, high-back, drafting, and standard models to give you an extra wide seat and additional weight capacity.  They offer extra cushioning to keep you comfortable.

We typically suggest not using a Big & Tall chair unless you need to.  Otherwise, it’s like wearing a shoe that’s too big – you’ll be uncomfortable.





Determine Your Priorities

After you’ve selected your style, you need figure out what is important to you.  This will guide your decision making and make everything easier.  Here are your four focus points:

  • Comfort – Important for 8+ Hour a Day Use
  • Style
  • Quality/Durability – Important for 8+ Hour a Day Use
  • Low Price

You need to rank these factors because ultimately, there will be a trade-off somewhere during your search.  You may find the style you want, but it isn’t as comfortable as you would like.  You’ll find the perfect color and comfort, but the style clashes with your office.  You may find a good price, but the chair doesn’t seem to be the best quality.  Having this hierarchy set up will save you a lot of time.

As a general rule of thumb, comfort and quality should be on the top of your list if you are shopping for an office chair you will sit in for more than 1 hour every day.  Otherwise, you may end up with an uncomfortable chair or need to replace it quickly – a big waste of money.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Price

Before we go any further, we need to talk about price.  When it comes to office furniture, “you get what you pay for” is a key principle.  No matter where you shop, do not go with the cheapest chairs you can find – you will regret this mistake.  Your office chair is an important investment – it needs to be comfortable and last for years.  Countless times we get customers who are replacing a poor quality or uncomfortable chair that they purchased because it was low priced.  In the end, they ended up having to spend more money altogether because they had to replace it.  Here are some price ranges for a good quality model of each style:

  • Task: $60-120
  • High Back Executive: $150 – $300
  • Mid Back Executive:  $110 – $250
  • Drafting Stool: $120 – $250
  • Big & Tall:  $275 – $400

If you’re buying a chair under these price limits – be careful.  We’ve been in the office furniture business a long time and are very familiar with each group’s average price.  The more you spend, the better off you’ll be.  But of course you don’t need to break the bank with a $500 chair.

Do I Need a Brand Name Office Chair?

Not necessarily.  Brand names charge a premium for the name and reputation.  They have to pay for expensive marketing campaigns and build this into your price.  However, most brands offer a warranty which we always say is a must.

However, there are plenty of non-brand name office chairs that come with warranties.  They’re more affordable because you’re paying for the chair’s materials only – not the name or marketing campaign.  Most brand name furniture is manufactured by the same factories as generic furniture – it can be the exact same quality.  So just make sure your chair comes with a warranty and you can pass on the brand name.


Any company can claim high quality, but the only way to provide accountability for this claim is by offering a warranty.  If they end up selling low-quality furniture, they’ll be out of business very fast.  Make sure your office chair has a 1 year warranty at minimum – we prefer 2 years.  If there is going to be an issue with your chair, it will happen within the first 2 years.  After that, issues rarely occur.  All of our chairs on efurnitureMax.com come with at least a two year warranty.  Additionally, make sure the store you are buying from honors their warranties.  Most do, but every once in a while you get a company with terrible customer service.

Don’t Buy From a Big Box Store Like Walmart

An office chair is a big investment, so we suggest purchasing from a furniture retailer who is experienced with office furniture.  If you have an issue, you know you’re working with someone who knows how to fix your chair.  In addition, Big Box stores like Staples, Walmart, OfficeMax, Office Depot, and Target stock mostly the cheap quality chairs.  These companies compete entirely on price and sacrifice quality for lower price.  We get parts replacement requests for chairs from Big Box stores ALL the time, so please, please – don’t make this mistake.  We don’t care where you shop – you can pick us or another furniture store.  Just stay away from Big Box.

Measure, Measure, Measure

An office chair is like a shoe – you want it to fit your body.  One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they buy an office chair online is that they buy one that doesn’t fit them.  Then they’re stuck with large shipping charges for return shipping.  Make sure you measure:

Seat Height:  How high do you need to be to comfortably reach your working surface?  Additionally, will your feet touch the floor or rest on the foot rest (if it is a drafting stool)?

Seat Width:  Make sure you’re not too snug on the sides, especially if your chair will have arms.

Back Width & Height: Back supports are key.  Make sure it will fit you.

Chair Width:  Will the chair fit through a doorway you will need to roll it through often?

Office Chair Features

Once you’ve picked out your chair type, you need to figure out which features you need.  The more features, the higher the price tag, so we will tell you what each feature does and if you can pass on it or not.

Adjustable Height:  This is a standard feature on all office chairs.  Just make sure your height mechanism is pneumatic, (powered by a gas cylinder with lever).

Arms: Do you need arms? They can add to a chair’s price tag.  For task chairs, a lot of people skip the arms because they get in the way while they are working.  Think about your chair’s use and whether you can skip these or not.

Adjustable Arms: Some arms adjust in height.  Some arms swivel.  Typically, we say you can skip the swivel.  But the height adjustable arms are nice.

Tilt:  This allows you to lean back in your chair.  It’s a standard feature but is often missed when you discover your chair doesn’t have it.

Tilt Lock: This is a must if you have a tilt mechanism.  There are time when you don’t want to tilt, so being able to lock it in the upright position is important.

Infinite-Locking Tilt: Standard tilt-locks only lock in the upright position.  This mechanism allows you to lock the tilt at any point in its range.  It is a nice, but expensive feature that can be skipped.

Lumbar Support: Ergonomic chairs offer built-in lower back support.  This is a nice feature that usually shouldn’t be skipped.

Adjustable Lumbar Support:  Some chairs allow you to adjust the prominence of the lumbar support, as well as its height.  This is an advanced feature that isn’t needed as long as your chair is contoured well and features ample padding.

Adjustable Seat Angle:  This is an advanced feature that allows you to tilt your seat back and forth.  Not often do people need to do this, so we say skip it.

Adjustable Back Height: Sometimes a nice feature if you’re tall.  However, you can save money by just looking at a chair’s measurements and picking one that fits you in its standard position.

Metal Base:  We like chairs with metal bases.  Nylon (plastic) bases are strong, but the metal is stronger.  It is more expensive, but a great feature.

Swivel:  A standard feature.  Unless you’re purchasing a side chair, most chairs will swivel.

Mesh:  An alternative upholstery.  It is similar to fabric, but feels “squishier” to the touch and often breathes better if the back is made out of it.  It is a “neutral” feature meaning it’s up to you.

Please let us know what else we can add to this guide.  We appreciate your comments and feedback!